FEAR NOT – God is with you.

Happy Friday ❤️’s! Be the voice of love and encouragement with the spirit of Christ to renew the minds of us all. Fear is not Christ in you. Don’t let the devil win. Social distance, be safe and live in a powerful mindset greater than yourself. Break out of anxiety and depression. We all will be ok. Stay faithful and prayed up in a loving and caring GOD who has never left us alone, hunger or afraid. No fear! Joshua 1:9 and Psalms 27:1. God has a plan for you and it is never to harm you. He is the prince of peace.

I’m so happy to see Memorial Day Weekend arrive and people are brave and ready to get out an explore new family opportunities to Vaca close to home on the beaches of Florida to the campgrounds of the Rockies! Let’s get outside and be safe exploring this weekend.

GOD thank you for allowing us to see this day where people feel encouraged, safe and in peace to start their new normal in life and in you. You are a faithful, hope filled and loving spirit to remove fear for a peaceful walk onto the earth.
FEAR NOT AND BE BOLD said GOD to us all throughout the Bible. With that said I’m going to step out on faith and not live fearfully because he didn’t give us a spirit of fear to be born into a world to be afraid of Mother Earth. Never be afraid but be prepared for the kingdom of GOD to cleans the earth.
Have faith. Trust in the lord as you walk into the lands of milk and honey this weekend to enjoy time away with your family, friends or alone.

The devil is busy but GOD delivers always!

With ❤️ from heaven above! Enjoy your weekend. #jesusiswithus #jesusislove #jesusispeace #jesus #jesuschrist #jesuslovesyou #jesussaves #jesusisking #empoweredwomen #empower #inspire #motivated the #beloved #kingdom of #GOD! #flyhigh #eagle #liveintentional #love #live #laugh in Jesus #faith love and #hope. #namaste #carpediem #selflove #daretobedifferent #daretobeloved #bebold #beconfident


Look at GOD!

Good Morning Dolls!

Sometimes we need a reminder to be happy. Even during turbulence times or interruptions in your life deciding to be happy in the rain is a choice. If God has blessed you to see another day he has given you a chance to try it again. What is “it”? Your decision making. The happiest people are adaptable people. They are laser focus to just keep moving forward regardless of there circumstances. They learn, adapt, grow, build, and rebuild again and again. Why? Because it’s not over until it’s over… I know we all have heard those words before if you ever played sports. Your Coach is forever evolving the game plan just in case a new scenario presents itself. Why? Games are ever-changing circumstances.
Now, what makes COVID-19 any different? It’s ever-changing, has caused interruptions in our lives, and presents an opportunity to be rebirth a new in your life, society, business, work, or school.
You were born with the ability to overcome obstacles in your life. Know, how I know… If you follow Jesus Christ. We serve a GOD of everlasting grace and mercy for his beloved people. He is forever working on our inter will to meet his purpose for our lives by following him.😉
Built within your spirit is the instinct to persevere -“to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulties or with little or no prospect of success.” Yep! 😁
What a mighty GOD we serve to have who has gifted us all the gift to look beyond our present state. #adaptandovercome
Be happy Dolls! Why? Because you’re worth it! You’re a diamond crafted by the highest to withstand pressures of this world. Tap into your inner strength and ask my lord and savior to cover you in his armor from the crown of your head to depths of your heart.

With ❤️ from heaven above!💋 won’t he do it! Good is good.

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