NewSeasons Foundation


NewSeasons Foundation on the move ministries is a community outreach engine designed by pinkLeaderboard council to enrich the lives of communities through partnerships and social exchange to help those most in need on a quarterly basis offering campaigns to challenge participation on a domestic and global level.

C3 Initiative: Comm-unite Cultural Communication campaigns across cultures.

Future Projects / Campaigns:

Campaign Messages

  • Villages Feed the Hungry – No money, Eats…
    • Designed to to meet the needs of families during FY’Q4 (Holiday months) seasons where family engagement and fellowship is driven through nutritional gatherings to celebrate comm-unity for all. We would like to identify through a public pool families in needs of assistance nutritional assistance.
    • Outcome: Nutritional assistance provided through community partnerships in various funding methods.


  • Teens – Mean – Business
    • YOUR future lies in the hands of our children. Give them the means to prosper through projects designed to nurture the soul, educate the mind and drive change to encourage them to help themselves and help others in their local community.
    • Outcome: Teen self help initiative fun curriculum, upward bound projects, mental health building blocks and active workshops.
  • PL PowerHouse Community Award
    • Designed to help those in need through social exchange, media and broadcast. Have you identified a family, person or “friends in service” (fireman, police officer, military vet, teacher, etc.) in need. We empower through giving and caring for others well being to remove temporary distractions in order for them to focus on what matters the most, “FAMILY”. Email us your letter with the subject title “PL PowerHouse Project” at for evaluation. In the letter please include the complete name, address and phone number and the reason you believe your selection should become a PL PowerHouse Community Award recipient.
      • All letters received go through a screening process for families, persons and “friends in service” in need each year during the fall/winter season during the months of September, October, November and December. Final selection is preformed through a lottery system and interviewed by phone. Final selected recipient(s) will be contacted by phone and in person among the nominees.