You will REAP what you SOW in your life. Yield to the Holy Spirit!

Stop strongholds over your life!

Sunday Morning Praise!

SOW what you want to REAP from the spirit. Don’t let the strongholds of today control what you SOW into your life. You will REAP what you SOW.

The power of your words over yourself is life or death. Cover yourself in love. Jesus is LOVE. #periodt Let Jesus feed your soul by strengthening your spirit in the love of Christ Jesus.❤

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Praise God and spread ❤️!

Live in ❤️…

Morning Inspiration – Thank you, GOD!
“Part of this Christian life is refusing to judge others. Judging and condemning people who happen to be struggling with sin or iniquity will not profit you in any way. If anything, you are countering the grace that was given to you so freely. As you were given, you were instructed to give. Be gracious to all people in your life. If you have to correct, let it be done in love, not hate, judgment or condemnation. The goal should be to point people to Christ, not away from Him.” #bibleapp #bible #jesusislove #jesusisthereasonfortheseason #pray #liveintentionally #beintentional #positiveintentions

With ❤️ from heave above!

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Never forget Jesus ❤ U

Happy Holy Weekend Dolls!😘

I know you were ready to dress up in your Sunday best this Easter.

Jesus is bigger than a brick and mortar building some of us put him in to feel like we are serving him or worshiping him on a Saturday or Sunday.

Do you see him beyond what you see with your physical eye? Yes, God.❤

Do you feel his unconditional love and joy each and everyday he allows you to open your eyes? Yes, God.❤

Do you hear the sweet music from the words of life he shared with us through his love, faithfulness, and disciples? Yes, God.❤

Jesus often reminds us he is the Holy Spirit. Open your mind to endless possibilities in him. Let your truth shine bright like a diamond so he knows you are coming to him💯% as you are… #surrenderyourall We are the clay pot he constructed and molded to the beautiful human “being” you are today. Open your mind… Did you let what you’re eyes can see, make you forget heaven and earth is in His Almighty Hands? Jesus is love.

Did YOU forget? Help God.

Never forget! Deuteronomy 8. Jesus loves you wounded, dirty, scarred and scared. His love is greater than the eye can see, stronger than a human connection, taller than the highest mountain top, longer than the widest water source and stretches beyond your wildest dream or imagination. Dream bigger than yourself. Imagine endless possibilities. Jesus is intentional. God, son and holy spirit all as one.

With ❤ from heaven above!💋
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Unconditional Love street style 😁

Top of the morning world! We made it!

Yes, if you’re reading my thoughts then guess what YOUR ONE LUCKY SOUL!😊
DING DING DING you get a new day, I get a new day, we all get a new day! We are blessed beyond measure.😘 Thank you, Jesus, for counting us worthy with one more day of life. To open our eyes and mouth to love languages beyond our current imagination. Thank you, Jesus, for grace and mercy all the days of my life you have counted me in the number of your beloved children. Father because of your faithfulness to me and my unconditional love for you I surrender my heart to you on this lovely new day.💯

I hear the birds chirping away, branches of trees snapping and wining as the squirrels jump from branch to branch.
Why stop and think to count our blessings because it’s the right thing to do? Toward being grateful, thankful, real, an unapologetic servant of my greatest love of ALL, a lover not a hater, and it’s just being me. #mylovelanguage If you don’t like it unfollow… 💯

I will praise Jesus Christ until my last breath and will never commit or surrender my love to the ungodly, wavering, fear of man behaviors due to you “feel” like GOD has left you in a storm. WAKEUP!

Who makes choices for you in your life? Tell that person you are ready to surrender your inner will to something greater than YOU. Otherwise, take a seat and watch the show or read on. GOD loves who ultimately loves him with all their heart, with unwavering love like Job who lost everything dear to him and never took his eyes (his heart) off GOD. This love is deeper than a mother’s love for her newborn child or a proud father watching his son be born into the world. Just think of what unconditional love means to you. Now multiply your thought by 1000 trillion. That’s the love of my father in heaven. #unconditionallove #unwaveringlove #magnified #love #heaven #joy #peace #laughter #smile #jesusisawaymaker #jesusislove #jesusistheanswer #jesusistruth #jesusiseverything

With ❤ from heaven above!#stayfaithful

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Pause & Break with Jesus

Honestly, dolls the “pause break” key in my keyboard has me thinking…

My head has been in hustle mode every day on my small business objectives I haven’t really noticed this week passing by so quickly. #intentional #faithful

Happy Friday Dolls! It’s Fri-YAY! #wow

It’s starting to feel like the days are merging together. Can you believe today is Friday?😉

This week has definitely flown by so quickly my thoughts are wondering where did my week go.➡➡➡ To my father’s influence over my life… God has blessed me to connect to so many people around the world from home through fellowship, openness networking, and inspiration during a time of devastation.❤ God is good in every aspect of our lives in the good, bad and ugly seasons.

Stay encouraged, be empowered, live intentionally in the name of a loving, faithful and forgiving father who only wants the best for his beloved. His love has no boundaries, requirements or excuses.

So why do we limit his love to only good times in our lives?
Lack of faith. Too busy seeing with your physical eyes instead of your inner heart. Too anxious about the past you can’t change, today, tomorrow and the future. Learn to let go, do what you can and leave the rest to our father in heaven. Only he has the power to move mountains, drain oceans and mend a battered broken spirit beginning with your inner will to stop (pause & break), relax and release your all unto him. #jesuslovesyou NEVER FORGET IT! #carpediem

With ❤ from heaven above!#lovemesomejesus #seizetheday #jesusislove #jesusispeace #jesusisjoy #daretobedifferent #belove #care #others #thrive #together #produce #results #begiving #spirit #jesuschrist #goodistheway #heavenandearth #laughter #laughoutloud #laugh #love #live #intentional #jesus #flyhigh #fly #firstloveyou

Fun and Faith over Fear!

Happy Monday Dolls! 😘

We all have enjoyed a beautiful weekend of wonderful #Spring weather. Now that Spring is here most of us begin to think about Springs cleaning your home, garage, office, kitchen, etc… But what about your heart, mind, and spirit. I often think of cleansing my mind and spirit for a closer walk with my father in Heaven. Even through the books I read or the music I listen too.

Love Spring 🌸

I image the original meaning of the lyrics to a song and sing my heart out to my father in heaven.

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the song “Why I love you” by Major. The song is #heavenly divine in every word that leaves the artist #Major lips to breath out life with the lyrics as if it’s a poem written in pure love from #heaven. He says,

“I found love in you
And I’ve learned to love me too
Never have I felt that I could be all that you see
It’s like our hearts have intertwined and to the perfect harmony

This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me
This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me

I found love in you
And no other love will do
Every moment that you smile chases all of the pain away
Forever and a while in my heart is where you’ll stay

This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me
This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me

The stars have all aligned
And right now is the perfect time to say
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I do

This is why I love you
This is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me
This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me

I found love in you
And no other love will do
That’s why I love you”

I engulf myself in this love song lyrics every morning during my morning praise session with my father #Jesus Christ before I bow at his feet to #surrender my #heart, #mind, #body and #soul for his will to be done in my life and whatever he sees fit for me I’m ready and willing to #accept because I love him and no other #love will do. #lovemesomejesus #faithoverfear

With ❤ from Heaven Above! #jesuslovesyou #pray #seizetheday

Safety Saturday! Dolls

Safety Saturday Dolls! Today is a lovely day for a stroll in a local park.


Yes, this foodie cooked a late keto brunch but was absolutely delicious with a mix of colorful peppers, onions and chopped bacon for a loaded omelet out of this world. Yes, GOD! Yummy! #foodiegram

After my keto coffee disappeared my daughter and I headed out to gain some needed fresh air with a long walk. God is good! Thank goodness we are still able to take a walk at this time. The coronavirus is definitely real but remain encouraged and give all your worries to GOD. Psalms 91 announces his protection of his beloved faithful servants. #faithful #lovejesus #365

I am a faithful servant GOD. I have unwavering faith, my lord. I am surrounded by your armor from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. I thank you, Jesus, for counting me worthy for another day on this side of your heavenly place. Amen Amen Amen

A backyard that expands beyond sanctuary.

Now go enjoy the rest of your day! Jesus got us all covered in the blood.

With ❤ from heaven above.

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#bebrave #besafe #bebold #beconfident #live #love #laugh in Jesus name! #selflove #firstlovejesus

Happy Fri-Yay! Have an attitude of gratitude today!

Intentional living AM to PM is called for at this time in our lives while social distancing. Decide how you want your attitude to be each day prior to leaving your bed. Include in your thoughts if you want to give or support others by lifting the spirit of at least one person in your life via social media, face time, Skype, Google Hangout, Kik, or other methods to connect digitally, while social distancing from everyone.

Hold yourself accountable with a journaling notebook or electronically via your mobile device with apps notepad, voice memo, Evernote or WordPress. Write out your thoughts to be positive. Reflect back at the end of each week to read the amazing things you have accomplished to help yourself and others.

Glory be to my father in Heaven Jesus Christ who has blessed me to see another day. This morning he placed on my heart to send a message of intentional living, love and hope to those who could be home alone while social distancing with no connection to others.

Plug into positive social media platforms to connect with others, learn a new craft, subject, language or trade in courses offered through your local library digital platforms. The way you spend your time is precious learn something new to help you avoid depression and anxiety in a healthy intentional way while social distancing.

With ❤ from heaven above! #seizetheday #namasta

Lift your spirits and others from home!😉

The days are closing in on me.🥺

I’m just kidding!🤪🤣😂

We definitely have to learn to laugh at some of the madness these days. Yes, I’m a silly pilly most days to pass time in a light and weightless way. I miss my girls, lots of outdoor air, and just getting out and about but social virtual meetups is starting to get cra cra…

Happy Wednesday Dolls!

It’s my favorite day of the week. I decided to breath a little different this morning by starting my post a little different than usual but guess what. My GOD blessed you and I to see another day! Yay!!!🤩👏👍🔥🌈We have plenty to celebrate due to the Holy Spirit is sooooo freaking generous to his faithful followers!😁

Yes GOD!

I am super duper happy and loaded with caffeine since 5:00am this morning. Thank you Jesus Christ for this new beautiful rainy day!

I’m so grateful to lookout and see the squirrels jumping from limb to limb in the rows of Pinetree today. #naturelover
Let’s bring some joy to others today with light conversation, love and laughter. Why? Because you both deserve it! Yep! YOU deserve a day of peace, love, and joy on another day of talks about a virus that has impacted the world in a ill insightful way. You don’t have to give into negative media or people at this time. Choose to be light hearted and enjoy the extra day of life you’ve been blessed with today. If your not happy about it. There are 4 walls most of society call a bedroom – stay in it🤣😂 and don’t ruin someone else’s day. I’m a firm believer even the weakest minds can be joyful if they desire too. Hurt people hurt people. Please keep this in mind when anxiety is at a all time high. Encourage support and help for others in mental health crisis during this COVID-19 outbreak. 🙏

With ❤️ from heaven above!💋

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