Pause & Break with Jesus

Honestly, dolls the “pause break” key in my keyboard has me thinking…

My head has been in hustle mode every day on my small business objectives I haven’t really noticed this week passing by so quickly. #intentional #faithful

Happy Friday Dolls! It’s Fri-YAY! #wow

It’s starting to feel like the days are merging together. Can you believe today is Friday?πŸ˜‰

This week has definitely flown by so quickly my thoughts are wondering where did my week go.➑➑➑ To my father’s influence over my life… God has blessed me to connect to so many people around the world from home through fellowship, openness networking, and inspiration during a time of devastation.❀ God is good in every aspect of our lives in the good, bad and ugly seasons.

Stay encouraged, be empowered, live intentionally in the name of a loving, faithful and forgiving father who only wants the best for his beloved. His love has no boundaries, requirements or excuses.

So why do we limit his love to only good times in our lives?
Lack of faith. Too busy seeing with your physical eyes instead of your inner heart. Too anxious about the past you can’t change, today, tomorrow and the future. Learn to let go, do what you can and leave the rest to our father in heaven. Only he has the power to move mountains, drain oceans and mend a battered broken spirit beginning with your inner will to stop (pause & break), relax and release your all unto him. #jesuslovesyou NEVER FORGET IT! #carpediem

With ❀ from heaven above!ο’‹#lovemesomejesus #seizetheday #jesusislove #jesusispeace #jesusisjoy #daretobedifferent #belove #care #others #thrive #together #produce #results #begiving #spirit #jesuschrist #goodistheway #heavenandearth #laughter #laughoutloud #laugh #love #live #intentional #jesus #flyhigh #fly #firstloveyou

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