Safety Saturday! Dolls

Safety Saturday Dolls! Today is a lovely day for a stroll in a local park.


Yes, this foodie cooked a late keto brunch but was absolutely delicious with a mix of colorful peppers, onions and chopped bacon for a loaded omelet out of this world. Yes, GOD! Yummy! #foodiegram

After my keto coffee disappeared my daughter and I headed out to gain some needed fresh air with a long walk. God is good! Thank goodness we are still able to take a walk at this time. The coronavirus is definitely real but remain encouraged and give all your worries to GOD. Psalms 91 announces his protection of his beloved faithful servants. #faithful #lovejesus #365

I am a faithful servant GOD. I have unwavering faith, my lord. I am surrounded by your armor from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. I thank you, Jesus, for counting me worthy for another day on this side of your heavenly place. Amen Amen Amen

A backyard that expands beyond sanctuary.

Now go enjoy the rest of your day! Jesus got us all covered in the blood.

With ❀ from heaven above.ο’‹

#empowered #women
#womenofgod #pray
#bebrave #besafe #bebold #beconfident #live #love #laugh in Jesus name! #selflove #firstlovejesus

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