Happy Fri-Yay! Have an attitude of gratitude today!

Intentional living AM to PM is called for at this time in our lives while social distancing. Decide how you want your attitude to be each day prior to leaving your bed. Include in your thoughts if you want to give or support others by lifting the spirit of at least one person in your life via social media, face time, Skype, Google Hangout, Kik, or other methods to connect digitally, while social distancing from everyone.

Hold yourself accountable with a journaling notebook or electronically via your mobile device with apps notepad, voice memo, Evernote or WordPress. Write out your thoughts to be positive. Reflect back at the end of each week to read the amazing things you have accomplished to help yourself and others.

Glory be to my father in Heaven Jesus Christ who has blessed me to see another day. This morning he placed on my heart to send a message of intentional living, love and hope to those who could be home alone while social distancing with no connection to others.

Plug into positive social media platforms to connect with others, learn a new craft, subject, language or trade in courses offered through your local library digital platforms. The way you spend your time is precious learn something new to help you avoid depression and anxiety in a healthy intentional way while social distancing.

With ❤ from heaven above! #seizetheday #namasta

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