A way maker!👄

To all my Dolls near and far,

When you think of hard times, unforeseen circumstances and situations out of your control. What do you do to combat anxiety, stress or irritable moments that make you want to explode, hide or other task just to getaway or separate yourself?

At a time, where your spending most of your time at home “social distancing” due to the Coronavirus with or without children or family can cause ungodly thoughts to run wild if your not used to being confined or restricted.

Take a deep breath or two and go for a walk or some form of exercise.

No not at a gym… Reconnect with mother earth to keep the pattern of social distancing but in a nearby park or take a jog around your neighborhood. Pollen season is in, in the USA east coast and it’s time for some of us to seek out allergy or sinus medication to make it through each days. It’s ok, med-up and get outside for some R and R with nature.

Otherwise, let’s pray for one another wellbeing, strength and confidence to still live our lives in vulnerable times.

Start a new hobby like photography to get you outside or begin a new exercise routine like yoga or dancing to get your limbs moving and blood flowing each morning before breakfast. Keto coffee is a great way to start any day if your fasting to continue your internal silent prayer between you and God flowing until midday (lunch time) then have a healthy vege loaded breakfast to break your fast. Your body will thank you.

As I continue my conversation with GOD toward breaking my overnight fast at midday. I start to cook at 11:00 am, I prepare 3 cage free brown eggs loaded with lots of peppers and onions chopped and cooked in EVOO to omelet perfection with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread toasted with vegan butter. #Delicious I’m a foodie but I honor GOD in all I do just to include him for love coverage over me if anything goes super well or wrong… His name Jesus Christ should be called on in celebration and in misery. Jesus is a way maker. Never let your flesh (mind or body) think otherwise. You never have to be alone in anything on this earth. Just call his name and surrender your heart and start talking as if your having a conversation with your closest friend.

Do you know he considers us his friend?

Jesus is the only one who means it when he says come to me as you are. No judgement, hate, or rejection but only love, admiration, kindness, gentle movements would come from him to you as a friend. I talk to him about everything that I love, dislike, anything frustrating or irritable to me or pressures of life, people, my family, children, connections past, present, or in my future. Then I request his will be done in it all that I encounter throughout the rest of my life. Amen.

I just included anyone reading this in my silent but public prayer to GOD to let his will be done on my life no matter what I go through. I know he’s a way maker no matter the situation or circumstance good or bad.

With ❤ from Heaven Above!👄

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