Fun and Faith over Fear!

Happy Monday Dolls! 😘

We all have enjoyed a beautiful weekend of wonderful #Spring weather. Now that Spring is here most of us begin to think about Springs cleaning your home, garage, office, kitchen, etc… But what about your heart, mind, and spirit. I often think of cleansing my mind and spirit for a closer walk with my father in Heaven. Even through the books I read or the music I listen too.

Love Spring 🌸

I image the original meaning of the lyrics to a song and sing my heart out to my father in heaven.

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the song “Why I love you” by Major. The song is #heavenly divine in every word that leaves the artist #Major lips to breath out life with the lyrics as if it’s a poem written in pure love from #heaven. He says,

“I found love in you
And I’ve learned to love me too
Never have I felt that I could be all that you see
It’s like our hearts have intertwined and to the perfect harmony

This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me
This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me

I found love in you
And no other love will do
Every moment that you smile chases all of the pain away
Forever and a while in my heart is where you’ll stay

This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me
This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me

The stars have all aligned
And right now is the perfect time to say
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I do

This is why I love you
This is why I love you
Because you love me
You love me
This is why I love you
Ooh this is why I love you
Because you love me

I found love in you
And no other love will do
That’s why I love you”

I engulf myself in this love song lyrics every morning during my morning praise session with my father #Jesus Christ before I bow at his feet to #surrender my #heart, #mind, #body and #soul for his will to be done in my life and whatever he sees fit for me I’m ready and willing to #accept because I love him and no other #love will do. #lovemesomejesus #faithoverfear

With ❀ from Heaven Above! #jesuslovesyou #pray #seizetheday

Safety Saturday! Dolls

Safety Saturday Dolls! Today is a lovely day for a stroll in a local park.


Yes, this foodie cooked a late keto brunch but was absolutely delicious with a mix of colorful peppers, onions and chopped bacon for a loaded omelet out of this world. Yes, GOD! Yummy! #foodiegram

After my keto coffee disappeared my daughter and I headed out to gain some needed fresh air with a long walk. God is good! Thank goodness we are still able to take a walk at this time. The coronavirus is definitely real but remain encouraged and give all your worries to GOD. Psalms 91 announces his protection of his beloved faithful servants. #faithful #lovejesus #365

I am a faithful servant GOD. I have unwavering faith, my lord. I am surrounded by your armor from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. I thank you, Jesus, for counting me worthy for another day on this side of your heavenly place. Amen Amen Amen

A backyard that expands beyond sanctuary.

Now go enjoy the rest of your day! Jesus got us all covered in the blood.

With ❀ from heaven above.ο’‹

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Happy Fri-Yay! Have an attitude of gratitude today!

Intentional living AM to PM is called for at this time in our lives while social distancing. Decide how you want your attitude to be each day prior to leaving your bed. Include in your thoughts if you want to give or support others by lifting the spirit of at least one person in your life via social media, face time, Skype, Google Hangout, Kik, or other methods to connect digitally, while social distancing from everyone.

Hold yourself accountable with a journaling notebook or electronically via your mobile device with apps notepad, voice memo, Evernote or WordPress. Write out your thoughts to be positive. Reflect back at the end of each week to read the amazing things you have accomplished to help yourself and others.

Glory be to my father in Heaven Jesus Christ who has blessed me to see another day. This morning he placed on my heart to send a message of intentional living, love and hope to those who could be home alone while social distancing with no connection to others.

Plug into positive social media platforms to connect with others, learn a new craft, subject, language or trade in courses offered through your local library digital platforms. The way you spend your time is precious learn something new to help you avoid depression and anxiety in a healthy intentional way while social distancing.

With ❀ from heaven above! #seizetheday #namasta

Lift your spirits and others from home!πŸ˜‰

The days are closing in on me.πŸ₯Ί

I’m just kidding!πŸ€ͺπŸ€£πŸ˜‚

We definitely have to learn to laugh at some of the madness these days. Yes, I’m a silly pilly most days to pass time in a light and weightless way. I miss my girls, lots of outdoor air, and just getting out and about but social virtual meetups is starting to get cra cra…

Happy Wednesday Dolls!

It’s my favorite day of the week. I decided to breath a little different this morning by starting my post a little different than usual but guess what. My GOD blessed you and I to see another day! Yay!!!πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”₯🌈We have plenty to celebrate due to the Holy Spirit is sooooo freaking generous to his faithful followers!😁

Yes GOD!

I am super duper happy and loaded with caffeine since 5:00am this morning. Thank you Jesus Christ for this new beautiful rainy day!

I’m so grateful to lookout and see the squirrels jumping from limb to limb in the rows of Pinetree today. #naturelover
Let’s bring some joy to others today with light conversation, love and laughter. Why? Because you both deserve it! Yep! YOU deserve a day of peace, love, and joy on another day of talks about a virus that has impacted the world in a ill insightful way. You don’t have to give into negative media or people at this time. Choose to be light hearted and enjoy the extra day of life you’ve been blessed with today. If your not happy about it. There are 4 walls most of society call a bedroom – stay in itπŸ€£πŸ˜‚ and don’t ruin someone else’s day. I’m a firm believer even the weakest minds can be joyful if they desire too. Hurt people hurt people. Please keep this in mind when anxiety is at a all time high. Encourage support and help for others in mental health crisis during this COVID-19 outbreak. πŸ™

With ❀️ from heaven above!πŸ’‹

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Time is changing. Time has changed.

Good Morning Dolls,

Time is changing. Time has changed.

I’m not talking about the watch on your wrist or the clocks in your home. The atmosphere of a new day and the environment of habits we are forming during social distancing during the COVID-19 experience.

I was talking to a young wonan yesterday that wanted to explain to me the type of television she has been watching has sparked her curiosity to learn more about why and how witch craft was invented and used in earth.

Help God!

Dolls, be very careful what you allow to godisthewaymanifest in your life and entertain your thoughts and actions… STOP the madness of television, reading, or radio due to too much time on your hands or fear to go outside.

If you are reading this post, you are blessed beyond measure to have a life today while thousands are laid to rest in a grave due to COVID-19 outbreak on the world. YOU. Yes you, have been given a second chance at life to make better decisions in your life including with your extra free time.

We all understand we have plenty of extra time on our hands these days due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) “media” outbreak. However, be very very careful with what you read, watch, and listen too. Life is very precious and can be easily changed/moved to good or evil habits, unforgivable or unforgettable thoughts or actions over time by bad media, questionable television, radio and fictional/fantasy reading materials of any kind or source.

Novels are okay as long as YOU don’t think you Harry Potter, the wizard at the end of reading the book. For everyone, nearly an adult out there ages 16 and up your imagination is not in comparison to a elementary school age child OR is it?πŸ€”πŸ€£


Do you know why companies / brands (i.e. Doritos, M&M’s, Budlight, etc.) spend millions of dollars on a less than 2-minute video commercial during the Super Bowl every year in America?🀨

Definitely not to entertain you… The commercials are to gain your thoughts to desire the company’s brand as a loyal customer for a greater profit margin for there company. Ding-Ding-Ding! We have a winner! I’m headed to the store for delicious Doritos. NOT! But the scenario is true…

The reason I’m writing this message today is to warn people, parents and easily consumed young minds to make better choices for yourself and the people around you or for the people that depend on your decision making. Don’t live in fear and don’t entertain foolish thoughts, reactions, or actions.

We live through consequences whether we like them or not… Never forget this statement my friends. Every decision, choice, or action you make in life has a good or bad outcome, experience, or consequence.

I often think if GOD was in physical form (i.e. human flesh) here on earth with us what would he think about the present time, including how we all have evolved from Adam and Eve and are soooo triggered by media, science, and technology.

Time is changing. Time has changed.

What are you planning to do differently from the rest of your life? This new day forward… Live in fearful decision making or be fearless with a conscious toward consequences by good choices. #carpediem #seizetheday

With ❀ from HEAVEN Above!πŸ’‹πŸ’―

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A way maker!πŸ‘„

To all my Dolls near and far,

When you think of hard times, unforeseen circumstances and situations out of your control. What do you do to combat anxiety, stress or irritable moments that make you want to explode, hide or other task just to getaway or separate yourself?

At a time, where your spending most of your time at home “social distancing” due to the Coronavirus with or without children or family can cause ungodly thoughts to run wild if your not used to being confined or restricted.

Take a deep breath or two and go for a walk or some form of exercise.

No not at a gym… Reconnect with mother earth to keep the pattern of social distancing but in a nearby park or take a jog around your neighborhood. Pollen season is in, in the USA east coast and it’s time for some of us to seek out allergy or sinus medication to make it through each days. It’s ok, med-up and get outside for some R and R with nature.

Otherwise, let’s pray for one another wellbeing, strength and confidence to still live our lives in vulnerable times.

Start a new hobby like photography to get you outside or begin a new exercise routine like yoga or dancing to get your limbs moving and blood flowing each morning before breakfast. Keto coffee is a great way to start any day if your fasting to continue your internal silent prayer between you and God flowing until midday (lunch time) then have a healthy vege loaded breakfast to break your fast. Your body will thank you.

As I continue my conversation with GOD toward breaking my overnight fast at midday. I start to cook at 11:00 am, I prepare 3 cage free brown eggs loaded with lots of peppers and onions chopped and cooked in EVOO to omelet perfection with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread toasted with vegan butter. #Delicious I’m a foodie but I honor GOD in all I do just to include him for love coverage over me if anything goes super well or wrong… His name Jesus Christ should be called on in celebration and in misery. Jesus is a way maker. Never let your flesh (mind or body) think otherwise. You never have to be alone in anything on this earth. Just call his name and surrender your heart and start talking as if your having a conversation with your closest friend.

Do you know he considers us his friend?

Jesus is the only one who means it when he says come to me as you are. No judgement, hate, or rejection but only love, admiration, kindness, gentle movements would come from him to you as a friend. I talk to him about everything that I love, dislike, anything frustrating or irritable to me or pressures of life, people, my family, children, connections past, present, or in my future. Then I request his will be done in it all that I encounter throughout the rest of my life. Amen.

I just included anyone reading this in my silent but public prayer to GOD to let his will be done on my life no matter what I go through. I know he’s a way maker no matter the situation or circumstance good or bad.

With ❀ from Heaven Above!πŸ‘„

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Happy Friday Dolls!

Happy Friday Dolls!
I just thought I’ll drop you all a reminder that GOD has you covered in all that may come your way today. Stay faithful and prayed up! #lifeisnotagame
Don’t let the devil in any form stop your praise or prayer to our father even in the toughest situations or time.
Jesus can handle anything thrown your way. All you have to do is believe and ask for deliverance. #jesus
Yes, I know he moves by his own clock but guess what he’s never late.
Like some people!πŸ˜‚ Jesus never fails… Periodt… #namesta #seizetheda #carpediem
With ❀ from HEAVEN ABOVE! 😘
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