The Devil is a Liar!


“Actions proves who someone is, words proves who they wanna be, – Character.” Life has taught me cowards live behind lies and deceit of others.😔🤔😐#sundaymorningpraise #sundaymorningvibes #disappointed


Over the last year and couple of months this year, I have realized (“my eyes were closed and my heart was open”) some of the people closest to me will starve others while they eat, will see the world on fire but refuses to have the spirit of Jesus Christ to help put it out, will take, take and take through manipulation, false assurances, accusations, and self righteousness to feed their own desires and money hungry spirit on the back of others and thievery including criticizes, belittles, and disrespect the every move of the hands, soul, spirit, heart, and body that feeds their life, education, fierceness, empowerment, reassurance, self love, faith, and representation of hope. #Iseenow #myeyesareopen

Diamond Dolls, Takers should have no place in our lives. I refuse. I was born with a giving spirit, taught giving to the children in my life and I represent the spirit of the most high with zero tolerance for evil spirits of any kind and cowards that claim they dare to be different in name of Jesus with their mayham and foolishness, mistreatment of others even their enemy, lack of teamwork, lack of respect, love of thy neighbor or kindness toward people love them and from all walks of life.

When you know better you do better! #period #jesusislove and #truth

When you think you are in a storm and the Lord Jesus Christ is trying his hardest to teach you grace and mercy. Still your arrogance enough to listen and learn. Otherwise, his toughest teaching methods will be the most painful experiences you have ever experienced in your lifetime. Be still and learn from the wise or be damned in your so called greatness. #truth I am #daretobedifferent who are you?

Words to the wise,
#jesusneverfails #jesusislove #jesusismyrockswordshield #jesusistruth #jesus #jesusneverdisappoints
#jesusismyall #jesusmakesmehappy #thedevilisalie #imasurvivor #fearless #bold #fierce #iam #fearlessoul #fighter #prayforgreatness #prayerwarrior #daretobedifferent💯 #daretobelove #pinkleadership

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