What is Narcissism? I’m Fabulous! Don’t you agree?

“Simply put, it’s the tendency to think very highly of yourself and to have little or no regard for others. A narcissist is selfish, vain, and a glutton for attention. But there’s a range. Just because you have some of the traits doesn’t mean you’re mentally unhealthy.” http://www.webmd.com


Lately, I found myself being surrounded by and contributing to a narcissistic personality in some of the closest people around me. I thought a fierce given spirit was fostered in the spirit of these people but learned over the past year that my eyes were closed for years and my heart was open to them due to the fearless love I had for them. I am so disappointed it makes me want to scream. I discovered during the past holiday season the narcissistic tendencies of others on a giving project for the hungry. They volunteered only to take pictures for social media. They didn’t have any desire to help in the true process of the giving project. I encourage giving in mass including involving the youth in the giving process due to some young people get so caught up in their own life they (fuck what people think mindset) forget they live in a BIG world of people including mant that are less fortunate than them.

Does giving projects make a difference for  a narcissistic personality? Maybe…

Yes, it’s just another way for some to gain the attention they seek to prove they are great again. For people like myself who are passionate about giving with no publication, spotlight or camera needed. I have learned many people still care less for the unfortunate. If the unfortunate problem doesn’t exist with them then they don’t care. If the unfortunate does show gratitude then they are considered not deserving. Learning people thrive on posting stories on social media of unfortunate lives hardships infuriates me to no end. Young people are the worst. They think about their social media, blogs and the like to publicize the hardship of others yet their contribution is minimal to support great causes unless their parents or peer pressure forces them too. Why bother? We hope change will come in all that lack compassion, a passion, and purpose in this world… #wishfulthinking 🙄😑

The Devil is a Liar!


“Actions proves who someone is, words proves who they wanna be, – Character.” Life has taught me cowards live behind lies and deceit of others.😔🤔😐#sundaymorningpraise #sundaymorningvibes #disappointed


Over the last year and couple of months this year, I have realized (“my eyes were closed and my heart was open”) some of the people closest to me will starve others while they eat, will see the world on fire but refuses to have the spirit of Jesus Christ to help put it out, will take, take and take through manipulation, false assurances, accusations, and self righteousness to feed their own desires and money hungry spirit on the back of others and thievery including criticizes, belittles, and disrespect the every move of the hands, soul, spirit, heart, and body that feeds their life, education, fierceness, empowerment, reassurance, self love, faith, and representation of hope. #Iseenow #myeyesareopen

Diamond Dolls, Takers should have no place in our lives. I refuse. I was born with a giving spirit, taught giving to the children in my life and I represent the spirit of the most high with zero tolerance for evil spirits of any kind and cowards that claim they dare to be different in name of Jesus with their mayham and foolishness, mistreatment of others even their enemy, lack of teamwork, lack of respect, love of thy neighbor or kindness toward people love them and from all walks of life.

When you know better you do better! #period #jesusislove and #truth

When you think you are in a storm and the Lord Jesus Christ is trying his hardest to teach you grace and mercy. Still your arrogance enough to listen and learn. Otherwise, his toughest teaching methods will be the most painful experiences you have ever experienced in your lifetime. Be still and learn from the wise or be damned in your so called greatness. #truth I am #daretobedifferent who are you?

Words to the wise,
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