Jesus GOT YOU!

Listen up Dolls! You are worth waiting for someone or something (i.e. a guy, a better job, a hot ride, a banging lipstick, a bolder you) that will do anything to be your everything.
WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!… God got you!
We already got THE ANYTHING that will be OUR EVERYTHING! JESUS can be your guy if you let him, JESUS can be your hot ride in and out of the lion’s den, JESUS can be your banging natural lipstick that blesses the words as they roll off your lips, JESUS is the bolder you in the form of the Holy Spirit living in you. Don’t get me started this early A.M. with Chica’s lessening themselves for a dude, giving up their value for a job, forgetting debt is the devil LOL, afraid to be fierce with their words, and become prey in the world of vultures when you are the daughter of a king. You better get you SUM!!!!!#jesus 💋
My 1+1=JESUS! 💣💥🔥💯💎🤘😘😍
He on the mainline this Thursday morning YOU better tell HIM what you want.💣💥🔥💯#wordstothewise

With LOVE,💋

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