The Greatest Love of All

Happy Salute a Soul Sunday… Good Morning Dolls! As I was considering what to write about this morning as I surfed through comments of joy and good vibes from others. I came across a comment from the blogger @to.mygreatestlove and visited her page and learned she is promoting inempoweredwomenner beauty through her love for fashion and God. I was blown away with joy to create a “Salute a Soul Sunday” as a shoutout to empowering women who empower women beginning today. I salute you @to.mygreatestlove for your inner beauty purpose!
Dolls, Who is my greatest love you ask? Jesus! As the song goes, “Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me for the bible tells me so…” Then next in line is ME…😙 Your greatest love on this earth is of this earth created in your mothers womb. Guess who??? YOU! ❤ FIRST LOVE YOURSELF!!! #FLY I share this message with young girls and women who can’t see past their circumstances. We were born to live above circumstances… We were born to show love to the greatest love and gift of all man kind… He conquered your circumstances with ❤ on the cross. Shall I remind you, he was whipped all night, he was spit on and kicked on, he was mocked with a crown of thrones, he was made to drag a heavy wooden post to his body resting place and they nailed him in his hands and feet. A innocent man because he loved you. Yet you have circumstances you can’t overcome. Help lord! Jesus the greatest love of all gave you the love and power to overcome anything in this earth. You better take that bull by horns and let him know who’s boss in the name of Jesus.