Unbothered… Life, let it rain…

Happy Sunday Dolls! I was asked how do you keep a smile on your face and be full of so much energy daily? Do you not have any troubles in your life? What remarkable questions to ask a women who skin is caramel in America aka United States of America to be exact, eyes are brown and was born with gifted features e.g clear skin, too much butt and a good grade of hair from her mother and father reproductive DNA creation. My Response… Hell, I am not a doll made of plastic… Yes, I have troubles, situations, uncertain circumstances and more to deal with in my life like every one else born into this world. The difference with me is how I deal with it. I choose to rise above troubles, smile at situations, laugh at uncertain circumstances that show up in my life. Do you know why? I am the daughter of a king Doll… πŸ”₯Nothing in this world is allowed to kill my joy, happiness, take my black multicultural power I was gifted with… I have the armor, sword and shield of my father Jesus Christ radiance in my presence, confidence, high self esteem and self ❀️. My face, spirt, soul, body and stance is unbothered with shots from life. #thedaughterofaking. πŸ‘‘ #praisegod #sheisdiamond πŸ’ŽπŸ”₯ #thedaughterofaking. πŸ‘‘ #praisegod #sheisdiamond πŸ’ŽπŸ”₯. I wake up every day and tell life to bring it on baby. I’m a prayer warrior and don’t you ever forget it!πŸ’₯#boomboomboom

Somebody better call the fire department because I’m on fire this morning…πŸ˜‚ In the name of Jesus I am always whole… Doll, I don’t need to be made whole. Get you some while he still sprinkling love from heaven… Let it rain, let it rain… Open the flood gates of heaven… Jesus! Let it rain, let it rain.

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