Good Morning Hump Day!Kindness

I’m always excited to see you arrive… In fact, I just feel like vomiting kindness all over the place because of your presence. Dolls, it doesn’t cost a damn thing… Let’s sprinkle that shit everywhere today.

Yes, it’s one of those mornings after a stressful Tuesday… Swear jar coming soon…

Lord humble my tongue to fill the ears of those in my path today with love and kindness. You know my heart. I’m not a saint just a unicorn. LOL!

5 thoughts on “Kindness

    • pinkleaderboard says:

      I love OM aka Cush… his blog is my daily comedy hour… Thank you for the love on Pink Leaderboard and your kind words, Claire. I’m trying my best to inspire before I expire… I plan to start a private forum soon to give women a private outlet to express how they feel freely around the world to receive words of encouragement, uplift, empowerment, and inspiration those who need the words of encouragement throughout life’s situations and circumstances every day in there country. Some of us need the love in communities across cultures and is the reason Pink Leaderboard exist. We look forward to you joining the conversation…
      All the best! xoxo Patty

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