Oops or What-if…

Good Morning Dolls,

I must admit, I’m under the weather this morning but it hasn’t stopped my workflow.

As you have learned, I’m a bit of a risk taker. AKA, oops did I do that!!! I firmly believe the well-behaved never make history… Yes, I said it! oops

I’m not all out in the world with my boobs in your face but I am known as a quiet and humble risk taker. AKA – You will never see me coming… It is a grace I have mirrored for years from my grandmother. A lady with so much grace and speaks softly with compassion for all but when she makes a risky move everyone is stunned by the action. It becomes so unexpected… But valued and respected because of what she represents in our community, society and due to her “giving of service” to people selfless attitude and spirit. She is the ultimate diamond, in my eyes. A sparkle that shines so bright it can never be ignored. I hope to one day my diamond shines as bright as hers. Shine bright like a diamond, Dolls!

Who is your inspiration?

Uplift the women around you as we countdown to 2018 International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018 “Press for Progress” a call to action to motivate an unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive, champion equality, and respect all cultures different from yourself.

Let’s press for progress forward!