Good Morning Dolls, Happy Sunday!

We beautiful black and brown girls who are killing it in our superpower not to become figurines for the world. Yes, some think we are porcelain and will break on the dime due to our emotions. But our emotions tap into our super natural intuition to be bold, to be strong, to be fearless, to be courageous, to be brilliant, to be gorgeous, to be talented, to be magnificent, to be fabulous, to be empowered, to be inspired, to be motivated by love, and to be loved beyond measure… Because, YOU ARE loved, brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous, magnificent, courageous, auto empowered, inspired and motivated by a greater power than yourself. You are the child of a KING. You are destine for greatness… Hold your head high and tell the world 🌎 I am a part of the I AM. I am a part of the KING of all KINGS. I am loved by an infinite POWER. I have all because my father provides. I walk tall because my father is always with me. I am the daughter or son of the most HIGH GOD. Who are you to deny him or yourself? 🔥We all are meant to shine bright as his children. Let your light shine bright, your diamond… Darling! Shine bright like a 💎💯🔥❤️💋🦄💥🤗