la familia

Visiting Mexico is always a delight. Everywhere you go you feel like family. Manual in the pic with my daughter, focused my daughter’s attention to using spanish as her first language on her first visit to Cozumel, Mexico. His and her first words to greet each other were “la familia” as he explained the age requirement for tequila and why tequila is a staple enjoyment in Mexico. 

Teaching our youth to embrace all communities across cultures not only strengthen their compassion for others but broaden their American education beyond the mental walls of the United States. Family is a expression felt throughout the tourist filled city of Cozumel, Mexico from the restaurants, taxi rides, flea market style shops, car rental stores, shopping malls, and beautiful clear beaches… You can’t go wrong with an escape-cation in a beautiful colorful city that greets visitors with a la familia way of life. 

I challenge you to enjoy a escape-cation from your traditional norms… Tell us, what culture will you explore and embrace the la familia way of life? 
#HerSuccessIsNotMyFailure #Escapecation2017😏 #LaFamiliaMatters😍

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