You better work, Work it Girl…

Everytime I think about powerhouse women mentioned in fashion magazine’s empowering articles written to highlight impactful women across the globe on there fashion driven platforms. The song “You Better Work”, by Supermodel RuPaul comes to mind and plays over and over and over in my head as if I’m listening to it on the radio or television. 


You better work, work it girl

Work, turn to the left 
Work, now turn to the right 
Work, sashay, shante 

You Better Work! Yessssss, I love it! The message is a true staple and statement of powerhouse females “WORK” ethic, momentum, be bold for change moves in the article produced by Patricia Garcia for International Woman’s Day “to reflect on women who inspire us everyday. 

Check it out below. 

It’s a definite must read for inspiration and true testament that we women were built for greatness… #PinkLeadersTodayandTomorrow

All-Around Amazing Women Inspire Us Every Day

#HerSuccessIsNotYourFailure #PinkLeadership

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