No Excuses – A lifetime hobby

As a bookworm, my second home is the library both physical and online. However, I love to write too, even in the books I read. NO, LOL, I don’t  write in the books from the library!…

This year, I’ve adopted a new hobby to scravager hunt for treasure at Goodwill and thrift stores which is now contagious in my daughter. What an influence?  I visit Goodwill on a weekly basis to scravage through hundreds of books to find good reads for the month. Yes, I write in them too. My goal is to always find one book each week and finish the new read before the next month scravager hunt. I plan to blog/highlight 1 book a month to display Goodwill treasure find…

This month scravager hunt treasure is titled “No Excuses” the power of self discipline by Brian Tracy. What a statement! The book list 21 ways to achieve lasting happiness and success.  So, far I’m all in and highlighting the best messages in pink to share with mentees.
Have you adopted a rewarding hobby this year?

#NoExcuses #HerSuccessIsNotMyFailure

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