I believe in me!

#SundayMorningVibe “I believe in me!” 

 Mom’s we must install this same mindset in our daughters.

Girls Power House Foundation. We display…

*self confidence

*self esteem

*self worth

*self value

Healthy Self Confident Women – Give More to Recieve More… We are…

*self assertiveness = leadership

*self awareness  = leadership

*self motivating = leadership

*self assured = leadership

*self respect = leadership

*self love mindset = Her success is not my failure!

#BOOM #HerSuccessIsNotYourFailure 

Spark “Girl” Power in YOU

The national engineering week is next week. During the week, one of the most influential days is the nationally known,”Introduce a GIRL to Engineering Day”. Plan a STEM education or self confidence experience for the girls in your life. Be influenced in a positive way by 26 poweful professional women engineers in the article link below. Read on…

Education is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power! #SparkGirlPower in you!


#HerSuccessIsNotYourFailure #HerSuccessIsNotMyFailure (Personal Brand)

No Excuses

When you live a life with no excuses. How is it possible those with all there limbs have so many excuses? Lord, thank you for the inspiration of the believers like Li Juhong and heal the unbelievers that sit home watching people like Li Juhong work with any means necessary… #HerSuccessIsNotYourFailure