The PINK in me is POWER


WOMEN who told you, you were not powerful.

Women were born to lead their household to greatness while their husband head the household with great tithings, good offerings and mercy from a higher power that blesses their fruitful nature of creation to bring forth gifts to the world. Through her children she is powerful, through her ambitions she is powerful, through love for family and friends through food, chores and care she displays her power, through expressive encouragement and hope to her husband she wills her power. Her GOD breathed life into her daily as she delivers life unto the world. GOD said unto the world she is blessed to be powerful in her beauty, grace and embrace.

Love your power abundantly,


Women in business

Today, many multicultural women are seeking the opportunity to start their own business.

Where do they start?

There are many resources available:

  1. Your local Secretary of State website. See what resources and criteria is required for the type of business you would like to start.
  2. The IRS website offers continuous updated information for different types of businesses whether for profit or not for profit criteria to get you started for tax purposes and regulations.
  3. Small Business Services offered online and through pinkLeaderboard council are great resources for guidance and direction toward a successful start to business planning, the type of business to start, operational documentation, accounting best practices for managing your business money and taxes, what funding options are available, if any and much much more.

What is stopping you from starting your own business?